Sunday, January 16, 2011

Auction Rules

This should be fairly simple (I hope)! Here are the steps to winning an item:
1. Leave a comment for the post, stating how much you'd like to bid. Starting bids will be listed with each item.
2. Come back often to check on your item(s) and rebid if you need to! (There is a strong possibility of more auctions being added later in the week, too - if you have anything you'd like to donate as an auction item, please let me know!)
3. Winners will be announced the night of Sunday, January 23rd.
4. Winners will go to the Queensland Government donation site and donate the winning amount. You will need to provide me proof of donation. I will cover the cost of postage in the US/Canada. If I have any devoted fans overseas, I will be happy to cover the amount equivalent to US postage if you are able to PayPal the rest!
Thanks again for your support!

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